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Activity Level:


Current Medication:


Level of Training:

All the basics

Special Needs Info:




Crate Trained:


My favorite place to sleep:

On a cozy bed with my friends

My favorite activity is:

Playing and having zoomies!

My favorite snack is:

Any yummy dog treat


I get along with / like:

Big Dogs, Little Dogs, Cats

I do not get along with / like:

Being Alone

I'm scared of:

No known fears


My foster parent(s) describe me as:

I am a fun, loving, energetic dog. I have a silly and exuberant personality and I'm a beautiful dog. I am excellent with other dogs, big and small, and I'm also cat safe. I would love a big dog to play with. I get very excited and so happy when anything fun happens, such as treats, new friends and guests and when my people come home. I don't really enjoy being left alone for long periods of time.

My best day would be to:

Chardonnay loves to wake up, have breakfast, enjoy her after-meal rest period, enjoy a treat, lay on the couch and watch TV or read a book. She loves to spend time with her dog friends and wants to always be with her people. Every day she has a zoomies period and gets very excited for no reason. It's very cute and charming. She loves when her people spend time with her.

Other tidbits about me:

Chardonnay is a very special and kind dog. She is extremely adaptable and really does her best to fit in with her family. She is very eager to please and loves affection and hugs and pets. She has shown NO resource guarding/aggression with food and toys and she seems to love all people. Chardonnay does have some separation anxiety and can be destructive if left alone for long stretches of time; she is being crate trained and this will be completed shortly. She would benefit from some basic training to enhance her skills. She does know "sit," and shakes hands. She is a big dog and often acts more like a puppy so she would do best with older children, as she can get excited and have zoomies and could knock a younger child down. She loves all people and especially older kids and women.

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