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Activity Level:

A little active

Current Medication:


Level of Training:

All the basics

Special Needs Info:




Crate Trained:


My favorite place to sleep:

On the couch or in the bed with my humans

My favorite activity is:

Cuddling with my humans and watching a movie with them

My favorite snack is:

I'm nervous of new snacks and I'll only eat them if my foster siblings eat them first


I get along with / like:

Big Dogs, Car Rides, Being Alone

I do not get along with / like:

Don't know yet, I haven't met any cats yet

I'm scared of:

The crate - I'll break out in record time


My foster parent(s) describe me as:

Mixed Breed. Not Great Dane. I'm a loveable little guy who just wants to be cuddled. I'm not very energetic but I will get spurts of energy for a few minutes and I play with my favorite toys. My favorite time of the day is feeding time!! I jump up and down waiting for my food. I am nervous around other dogs at first, and I need slow introductions. But once I know I'm safe, I love being part of the pack.

My best day would be to:

A lazy day laying out in the sun with a quick midday walk. Followed by chasing after a toy with my foster siblings. End the day with cuddle time on the couch.

Other tidbits about me:

I am great on a leash and I love to show off my leash training. I am still anxious around new dogs, but I love humans immediately. Once I gain more confidence, I'll be easier to introduce to new dogs.

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