Regal Dane Retreat

This area is dedicated to our Forever Fosters - Great Danes that have been deemed unadoptable due to their age, their current health situation or possibly even behavioral issues.

These Regal Residents will stay in their foster homes forever.

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4 months



My Story:

In mid-July, we had the honor of saving Sebastian from the shelter.

This boy is about 4 months old and weighed in at 27lbs. He started out with an upper respiratory infection and is extremely emaciated. With additional testing, we discovered that he also has Megaesophagus with Persistent Right Aortic Arch. This can be life threatening if not treated.

We are slowly working on getting him to a healthy weight and he is on antibiotics to clear up the infection.

He will be seeing specialists to see how best we can help him further.

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