Regal Dane Retreat

This area is dedicated to our Forever Fosters - Great Danes that have been deemed unadoptable due to their age, their current health situation or possibly even behavioral issues.

These Regal Residents will stay in their foster homes forever.

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6 months




My Story:

Marie is a very special princess. She arrived from Las Vegas in early October. She is deaf and has neurological issues, which does not allow her to use her back legs. At only 6 months old, she still has her entire life ahead of her. Thanks to wonderful Fosters and volunteers here at Regal Dane, this little girl will have a wonderful chance at a new life.

Marie will be using Scrooge McDuck's wheelchair and we attempted to use his easy lift harness, which happens to be a little too big for her. She will be needing a smaller harness to help her get around.
This little girl is a sweetheart and deserves the best.

Despite her medical condition and Deafness (of which she doesn't even notice), the best word to describe her is a lover. She wants all the affection she can get, always gives kisses when we're within reach, and she loves to play with her foster siblings and foster parents!
When she's outside on her wheels, that's when she's happiest. She loves to try and steal the ball or rip a toy away from her brothers and she's got some pretty sharp turns on her wheels.

She is a little bit of a princess about eating and will only eat all of her food at once if there is something added to it, like pumpkin! She's getting closer to being potty trained. Sometimes, she just can't help it, but we're getting down to fewer and less extensive accidents in the house.

November Update:
Over the last week we have learned that although Marie had seen a Neurologist she was never tested to find out why her back legs were no longer functioning properly. Up until June 2020, she was able to walk, although her gait was not normal. By the end of August she was not able to walk.

Marie is also doing physical therapy and has stood on her own twice. Not for long, but it happened!

We are seeking your help in raising the money needed for Marie to get an MRI in hope of possibly getting her some help, and getting some answers to why she lost the use of her legs.