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Our Adoption Fees

Regal Dane Rescue's Donation Fees are based on a number of factors:

full-breed - mixed breed - age - medical condition - 

  • Senior (Age 8 years+):

As a general rule, the seniors we have available for adoption have been well-cared-for, are house-trained and have good house manners. All our seniors have a thorough physical examination, and we will be happy to discuss any health issues (such as a need for medication or supplements) or management (for example, a Dane that needs assistance to get into an SUV.) We do have a reduced adoption donation for our very special Senior Danes.

  • Adult (Age 3 through 7):

Generally more settled dogs with many life skills in place. Level of obedience varies from Dane to Dane, as do behavioral quirks.

  • Young Adult (18 months to 36 months):

Almost all Danes in this age group will absolutely require group obedience lessons to establish a healthy bond between owner and dog, as well as teaching the dog acceptable behaviors, and allows the dog to develop better social skills.

  • Adolescent (6 months to 18 months old):

Although somewhat of a handful, these delightful young Danes are at a prime age to begin training for a "job" such as therapy work, competitive obedience, agility, or assistance work.


  • Puppy (under 6 months):

Note, we rarely will get puppies into rescue.

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