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We are dedicated to ...

the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned, neglected and owner-surrendered Great Danes of all ages.

We also provide education to the public about the Great Dane breed and about responsible pet ownership.

Our Current Danes in Need



Clover was born in rescue on April 25, 2022. At about 7 weeks old when all the puppies in his litter were transitioning to soaked kibble, we noticed that Clover would regurgitate the kibble. Thinking he might just be having a hard time switching, we put him back on mush for another week. We tried again with moist kibble. He did not tolerate it and was beginning to lose weight.

Clover was diagnosed with Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA). This is where the right aortic arch fails to regress normally, resulting in constriction of the esophagus, thus restricting food passage into the stomach. Then, at a specialist visit to discuss surgery, it was discovered that he has a heart murmur. After an echocardiogram, another issue was revealed, Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia. Because of the secondary heart issue, Clover then had to go for a CT scan. Now he is ready to go in for surgery to correct the PRAA.

He is scheduled for surgery on September 20th.
Cost of all testing and surgery - $5000





Rosita is a 1-year-old English Mastiff who was an owner surrender. Her owner lived on a ranch in New Mexico. One day Rosita was running along the fence line of the property chasing a car that was going down the dirt road. She ran into a roll of fencing wire and sliced her side wide open. Her owner, having seen what happened, grabbed some towels and ran to her aid. He had to contact animal control who sent help right away and got Rosita to the vet. She was cleaned up and her wound, that went from the top of her back to her abdomen was stapled shut and a drain placed. She was sent home.


The next day, the owner noticed that the area around her wound was full of fluid, so he took her back to the vet, who removed the drain and aspirated the site to remove the fluid. They sent her back home. A couple days later it filled again.


This time the owner took her to a different vet. This vet had to perform surgery to remove all the necrotic skin tissue. Once this was done, Rosita didn’t have enough extra skin to close the wound. She was hospitalized and given wound care daily. During this time the owner fell at home, breaking his ribs and ankle. He was not able to bring Rosita home and care for her, so he decided to do what he felt was best for her: surrendering her to the rescue.

RDR made the trip to New Mexico and brought Rosita back to Phoenix. She was placed in a foster home where the foster is also a vet technician. She is getting ready to go into surgery to have a portion of the wound stitched shut, but most of the wound will remain open, as it heals. She requires daily dressing changes with special moist dressing and medication. It will take about 3-4 months for her to heal completely.

Cost of surgery - $1500
Cost of medications and supplies approx. $800/month

Hans Solo



Hans Solo is a 2-year-old boy who started off as an owner surrender. Hans had developed a skin infection that primarily affected his rear left foot and leg. The infection also affected his other feet, side, and tail but not as bad as his left leg.


His owner said they had him on antibiotic and that they were in the process of moving and with the move and the cost of his medication they needed to surrender him. After we agreed to take him and while we were setting up a medical foster for him, his owner dumped him at the shelter. The shelter contacted us, and we pulled him out. The following day we took him to our vet, who ran a culture on the wounds and determined he had a staph infection.

Hans is currently on medication and medicated shampoo. His wounds are healing, but it will take a month or two for him to completely heal.

Cost of treatment - $400 - $600


All donations are tax deductible.


Regal Dane Rescue is funded exclusively through your donations and monies we receive through fundraising activities.

Please donate so we can help these Gentle Giants become the best they can be!




Greta is a beautiful 2-year-old girl who, prior to rescue, had multiple litters of puppies. After her last litter, she developed an infection in her mammary tissue. Her owner didn’t take her to the vet to get treatment, instead they surrendered her to the rescue. RDR took her to the vet, and she was placed on antibiotics, however the mass grew.


We took her back to the vet to discuss spaying, removing the mass and sending it off to be biopsied. The vet did their normal preliminary bloodwork, and it came back that Greta had heartworm. The spay and mass removal then got placed on the back burner until the heartworm treatment is completed and she is heartworm free. Greta has started her heartworm treatment which is a 3 to 4-month process.

Cost of heartworm treatment - $2500
Cost of spay, mass removal and pathology - $900 - $1000


Making a Difference in the Life of a Dane

We currently serve all of Arizona

and the Albuquerque, New Mexico area

Contact Us

(602) 491-7358

Contact Us:

Mail only:

4410 W. Union Hills Drive,

Suite 7-187,

Glendale, AZ 85308


We do not have a facility that you can visit, we are foster-based only.

All of our rescue Danes live with families who look after them.

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