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Meet the Royal Court

Our Board of Directors . . .

Bambi Hartman -
Director & Event Coordinator

Hi there, I am Bambi Hartman. Not only am I the Director of Regal Dane Rescue, I am also the Event Coordinator.

I got my first Dane, Bella, in March of 2009 after seeing a beautiful Harlequin Dane in the Will Smith movie ‘Seven Pounds’. I knew I had to have one. Bella was an amazing girl and a learning experience, since I dove in head first, not knowing anything about the breed. Because of her, I got involved in Great Dane Rescue.


I have been part of rescue for going on 10 years, and I love it. Knowing that I can make a difference in the life of a Dane is very rewarding. I lost Bella to renal failure on Christmas Day 2018, but she will live on in my everyday work with the rescue.


A Fun Fact about me, I love quilting. I have made numerous quilts and my first quilt block that I entered in a contest, won. It was made into a quilt along with the other blocks that were entered. As part of the contest rules, I had to donate the quilt to a charity. That’s when I looked into finding a Great Dane Rescue to donate the quilt to. So I guess we can say that my Rescue Life started with Bella and a Quilt. Two of my greatest Loves.

Director & Document & Website 
Kelly Hannah -

Hi I'm Kelly. I am the website and document designer for Regal Dane Rescue.


I have always had dogs in my life and about 3 years ago, I had to say goodbye to my oldest living dog (Scrappy), who lived to 18! Scrappy wasn't a Dane, but when she left a huge empty hole in my life, I wanted to open my home to dogs in need. I was curious about Great Danes.

I have fostered a couple of Danes while being part of the rescue. One of them, got really sick and was diagnosed with diabetes. She became a Forever Foster and I adopted her. She was with me only for a little while longer, as the diabetes took her too soon.


I have since adopted Woody, a harlequin, who I fostered for a short time and then knew I wouldn't let anyone else have him! I also foster Marie, who is shown in my picture. Marie is deaf and has a slight spinal deformity. She couldn't walk when she first came to us, so we had her fitted for a wheelchair. She ran around in that thing like it wasn't even there! She can now walk on her own without any help, and run around the yard like any other fully functional dane. I volunteer my time to build and update our website, our newsletter, the Regal Dane Dish, and all of the rescue's documents. I attend events, pick up donated food and transport dogs.

It is very rewarding to me to see Danes rescued from very bad situations, and having them come around and not be so afraid, seeing them flourish with training and the love they show after being shown love themselves.

A Fun Fact about me, I am a puzzle monger! I love puzzles, whether they be my job (which is similar to a programmer), or WordBrain, Sudoku or Kakuro! Number puzzles just tickle me!!

Raleigh Kerger -
Director & Adoption Coordinator

Hi, my name is Raleigh. I’m a Director, as well as handling Adoptions, Fosters and Coordinating Transporting of the Danes who come into rescue.


I’ve been actively participating in rescue for many years now; however, my whole life I’ve been known by my friends and family for rescuing all kinds of animals on my own and helping those animals find a safe place to land.


Animals have always been my passion. As a child, I would even help nurse pigeons back to health that fell out of their nest or became injured. As an adult, I learned that I could use my passion and knowledge even more by helping rescue. 


I fell in love with Great Danes as a child. There was just something about them I was drawn to. I had grown up with big dogs my whole life to include Great Pyrenees, Shepherds, etc., but had never gotten a chance to own a GD until I became an adult.


Being able to help rescue Danes has been one of the many joys in my life. There are no words to describe how amazing it is when you are able to help a dog find their forever home. That is why I am so actively involved in rescue.


Being new to the breed I started out as a foster so I could become more familiar and well, let’s just say the rest is history.


I have a young son, two horses and have four Danes of my own, as well as foster dogs that come and go. Regal Dane Rescue was where I found other individuals like me. People who loved animals and were willing to go the extra mile to save an animal’s life.


I am so blessed to be a part of this rescue and wouldn’t change it for the world. Fun Fact about me, I work full-time as a 911 Operator/Police dispatch Supervisor for an agency here in AZ.

Our Committee Members . . .

Heidi Burkhart - 
Foster Coordinator

Hi!!  My name is Heidi Burkhart and I am the foster coordinator.


My love of animals started when I was very young. We have always had dogs ever since I was born, and my husband and I got our first kitten when we married in 2012.


I was a vet technician for 10 years before I left the practice for my current job. I work at Palo Verde Generating Station in the training department, and I was an instrumentation technician for 7 years.

I fell in love with Great Danes when we got our first Dane, Thor, in 2013. He is my husband's service dog to help with PTSD from his time in the military. We started fostering in November of 2022 and immediately fell in love with it. I love being able to help pets in need and help find furever homes for the dogs we have.


I live with my husband, two kids, 7 dogs, and 7 cats. My love for animals has been passed down to my kids and I love watching them be so excited to help a dog in need. I was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness where there are some days I can’t get out of bed due to pain. Those days are rough, but I now have Great Danes who lay next to me, and don’t ever leave my side when I’m struggling. The dogs and the kids are always right next to me making sure I’m ok. 


I feel truly blessed to work with Regal Dane Rescue. Helping dogs in need has filled a hole in my heart and I love every bit of the craziness!!

Stephanie Wirthman -

Since I started with Regal Dane in 2019, I’ve fostered, helped with fundraisers and events, and learned so much about the breed!


I’ve also learned that there’s wayyy more to rescue than I originally thought! It takes a special person to rescue, and we have an amazing team full of people who volunteer their hearts and time to this cause. It’s refreshing to be around people who don’t see them as “just dogs” and truly care about what’s in their best interest.


I’ve recently started my own Professional Organizing company, so I haven’t been as available as I was previously. But I try to continue to advocate for the breed and help out wherever I can!


I’ve fostered a total of seven Danes/Honorary Danes during my time with Regal Dane Rescue. Five of which are now living their best lives in their Paw-fect homes (two decided their home was here with us 😊)! I truly believe that it’s better to cry knowing your foster is going to live their best life with another family, than to cry because no one stepped up to try and save them! Fostering is HARD, but our hearts break a little so theirs never has to again. 💕🐾

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