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Activity Level:


Current Medication:


Level of Training:

All of the basics

Special Needs Info:




Crate Trained:


My favorite place to sleep:

Anywhere you are!! I sleep in my crate overnight just fine, but during the day when you are home, I love sleeping on the couch with you or in your lap. I will be the BEST cuddle buddy you've ever had!!

My favorite activity is:

Snuggles!! Physical touch truly is my love language.

My favorite snack is:

I earned the name Bologna because I really gobbled that down!


I get along with / like:

Big Dogs

I do not get along with / like:

I'm scared of:

Loud noises! I startle easily, they just make me a little nervous. I recover quickly with some reassurance.


My foster parent(s) describe me as:

I'm a silly boy and my love language is physical touch! Everytime my foster dad walks by, I think they're there to pet me and I roll right over for the belly rubs ;) My foster dad calls me his little shadow because I just wanna know what he's doing all the time. I also love my furry foster brothers! I really like to play. I do get a little territorial over toys, but I've come SO far that now my family can leave the toy bin out and we all play nicely, almost every time! I'm learning that there's plenty to go around and that it's fun to share! I also love to stretch my legs and run, so a big yard or an active family would be so fun for me! But I can be a total couch potato when I want, too. I just want to be wherever you are!

My best day would be to:

Oh boy! I'd love to wake up and be snuggling with you, then have some play time with my furry friends or my people! Obviously, snacks would be on the agenda, and then a nice long walk would be so lovely! I'd love to run around the yard with you, too. To round out the night, I'd love more cuddles!

Other tidbits about me:

My foster family says that I am the most loving and sweetest boy in the whole wide world! If you're looking for a heart of gold covered in fur, I'm your guy. I can't wait to meet you! How I get along with cats and small dogs is unknown as of now.

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