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Activity Level:


Current Medication:

Yes, joint supplements

Level of Training:

All the basics

Special Needs Info:




Crate Trained:


My favorite place to sleep:

In my crate or other cave-like areas (under desks). Wherever I can find a cool, soft place to lay.

My favorite activity is:

Playing with the big dogs or napping.

My favorite snack is:

Anything at all!!


I get along with / like:

Big Dogs, Little Dogs, Car Rides, Being Alone

I do not get along with / like:


I'm scared of:

Nothing at the moment


My foster parent(s) describe me as:

I am friendly and love to give kisses! I'm playful with others and I fit right in with the fosters' pack. I love to sleep. If other dogs are barking, I'll join right in. I adjust well to strangers.

My best day would be to:

Wake up from my comfy bed and get a hardy breakfast. After breakfast, go outside and get in all of the smells, bark at other dogs in the neighborhood with my little bark, then eventually nap in the sun. While napping, I love to try out all of the cool yoga poses. Finally, when it gets a bit warm, I'll go back inside for part of the day and take a good nap. I love having access to the outside because I love going back and forth. Then when I build up energy, I like licking my foster sisters face to get her up, then we start playing with each other and wrestling. Then it's nap time again. I look for my humans and get some affection from them and lick their faces until I've coated all of their skin with my love. Then it's about time for another meal, relax, then a walk. I like stopping and smelling everything. I'm pretty chill. Then it's about time to sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

Other tidbits about me:

The rescue thinks I'm not all Dane. I'm only 65 lbs. They told me I was the bestest boy and I was so well behaved and I got along with everyone. I learned my new routine very quickly.

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