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Activity Level:


Current Medication:


Level of Training:

All the basics

Special Needs Info:




Crate Trained:


My favorite place to sleep:

Any available chair beside my foster parents

My favorite activity is:

To follow my foster Dad around everywhere

My favorite snack is:

Anything you want to give me. I am not picky


I get along with / like:

Big Dogs, Cats, Car Rides

I do not get along with / like:

I don't know

I'm scared of:

Big booms, sudden movements or falling objects that surprise me


My foster parent(s) describe me as:

I am loveable and sweet. I just love to please my humans. I have some basic training and now I know how to "sit" and "down". I am high energy and a long walk helps with that, but I definitely need some leash training because I pull.

My best day would be to:

To be around my foster family inside or outside, or anywhere!!

Other tidbits about me:

I love water and I do not mind stepping into the puddles in the yard when my foster Dad is watering the plants. I still get very excited when I go for car rides and walks, but my foster parents are working with me so I will get used to it. I get along well with my foster sister. I get along with my foster fur sister most of the time, but when both she and I are barking at something and we're close together, I redirect to her. It might be a good idea if I'm an only dog.

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